09 Mar

The Most Effective Ways to Speed up Your Computer

There are many ways to speed up your computer, and some take very little time at all to facilitate. Just as with your car, your computer needs proper maintenance to run smoothly. The best thing about it though is that it doesn’t take a technician to properly maintain your pc or laptop. All that it requires is that you’re conscientious and willing to learn. The following tips are for windows computers and are designed for computer users with basic computer knowledge and an interest in learning how to save time and money.

The all powerful, yet very simple tool that cleans your temporary internet files, cookies, recycle bin, and your cache is called: Ccleaner. Unlike a lot of registry cleaners which can completely kill your operating system, Ccleaner is risk free. It does it’s job very well which is basically to clean the areas in your computer where viruses and spyware tend to hang out. Ccleaner can be downloaded for free at download.com. Another great thing about Ccleaner is that it only takes about 10 seconds to complete from start to finish. How can you beat that?

Don’t you hate it when your computer takes forever to boot? Then, when you go to launch a program, you realize it still hasn’t fully stopped booting! There are several steps to take in order to have your pc or laptop develop a faster boot speed. First you must realize that everything in your sys tray (bottom right hand corner of the desktop) is operating in the background and taking up your computer’s resources (memory and processing time). For example, you should have an antivirus you can see in the sys tray. However, any unnecessary programs that are known to operate in the background should be removed. To do this, one can simply go to add remove in the control panel, and remove programs that are either “junk” or not need. There are other ways to stop services from running in the background at start up, but an experienced technician should apply those methods in most cases. Please also remember to have only one antivirus run on your computer at a time.

Defrag your computer or laptop! After you’ve used your computer for awhile, the files become arranged in a non contiguous fashion which makes it harder for windows to work efficiently. There is nothing that you did wrong to make this happen. By simply deleting and creating files (using your pc normally) fragmentation is inevitable. The good news is that there are plenty of tools to organize the files appropriately. The software known as “diskeeper” is one of the more popular and effective defrags out there. Yet why spend the money when windows has a defrag built in (or when you can get one for free from download.com). To use the defrag built into windows,  click start, select All Programs, select Accessories, click on System Tools, and then click on Disk Defragmenter. In short, defragging is very important and is very much a part of basic maintenance.

So you thought you had to call a technician to find out if your system can hold more memory? Nonsense! I showed a customer how to do this, and afterward he not only determined the capacity his pc had for ram, but he was inspired to install it on his own. Simply go to your url and type in:  www.crucial.com. Use the Crucial system scanner tool and it will tell you what type of ram you have and how many more sticks of ram you can have to reach maximum capacity. A computer can be sped up significantly when additional ram is added to it.

Both viruses and spyware are notorious for causing computers to slow down   (among other problems they cause). However, they don’t always raise a flag and tell you that they are present. This is where you get to save time and money simply by obtaining an anti virus and anti spyware. Cnet.com reviews the best software, and we believe ESET and Bit Defender are among the best anti viruses. Also, we use and have had success with Spybot as an anti spyware program.

In conclusion, we described above the top 5 ways you can speed up your pc or laptop. The best part about it is that you can do it all yourself and save money in the process. Olympus Computer Services is here for you if you need instruction or would rather have us perform maintenance on your behalf.

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