To our clients and team members that make everything we do possible!

Sherry –  Thank you for the opportunity to get you up and running.  Good luck with your education. You will achieve your career goals. Your appreciation for our work is heartwarming. My family will enjoy Din Tai Fung. Take Care!

Danielle T. & Mike T. – I’ve worked for you guys several times and am thankful for the opportunity.  I admire the spiritual work that you do for your clients. I want to thank you both because you challenged me in ways that helped me improve my skills. Thank you for your patience as well.

Paul Crim – OMG PAUL CRIM – THIS GUY REFERRED SCORES OF CLIENTS. to Olympus and Steve Minor when he left for Africa (peace corp)…..Paul, I hope your doing great where you are. Thank you so much!!!! I have questions when you come back ….. you are well loved by your clients, me too! Much gratitude

Cyndi – congradulations on becoming a Nurse! Thank you for entrusting Olympus as one of our longest clients….love your sense of your humor and quick wit….

Jane  & Jim-  Jane wrote a great Yelp review for me….thank you so much! I enjoyed helping you out on a few occasions…..I’ll never forget working with and for Jim. How could I (or anyone) forget you Jim? Thank you again!

Bill P. – Bill, I thank you for trusting me/Olympus and for calling me years and years after I first worked for you. You’re clearly a talented person. I wish you well!

Juan O. – A virtual neighbor, and resident of Lake Forest, Juan has asked me to assist him several times with older computers and computer equipment. Juan, thank you for choosing me because you certainly have a lot of choices. Thanks Boss!

Parvaneh Z. – You wrote a review on Yelp, but it never got past their filter. Nevertheless, I fully appreciate the great things that you said about Olympus. Thank you so much for the business and your patience. Take Care!

Bill S. – Bill, Thank you for asking Olympus to help you on several occasions. I like your candor and the way you do business. I’ll talk to you, and see you soon.

Jack M. – Jack, its been a while since I’ve seen you (always a good thing for the client). Probably 2012! Thank you so much for the referrals. Thank you for the Review on Yelp. Thank you for appreciating my troubleshooting process..and all the nice things you’ve said. This page is dedicated to folks like you who spend a few minute of their time to acknowledge the work of another….. Take care Jack!

Carey S. – Carey of Ladera Ranch – One of my most memorable clients. Thank you Carey for not only recommending me on Yelp, but also making my computer repair visits interesting every time. You are very technical yourself (so I better watch it) Lol. Great person, Great personality….Take Care Carey!

Dave and Lila B. – Well the job took longer than expected and you guys were very nice about it. Thank you for making me feel “at home”. And of course, as always, thank you for the tip!

Calvin E – Been a long time since we talked, but I never forget when someone puts a review up on Yelp for me. You’re a great guy, and I never forget that either. Thanks for the opportunity to assist you with your all-in-one computer…..and take care!

Kaija l. – Much gratitude is in order for putting up a glowing yelp review. I appreciate that you made the time for that. Olympus performed some data recovery, installed a hard drive and re-installed the computer OS for you. We enlisted the help of Shrimal to make sure a key program worked. You have been more than generous, patient and nice. Take Care!

Mats D. – Referred to me by Paul, I am grateful to have met you and helped you. You’re an easy going person and hope to see you again. Thanks!

A.Hamid – Abraham! you have hired me several times, and I’m always glad when I hear you call because it means I did something right the last time I helped you. You are an “easy going” kind of guy which is always appreciated. You have my gratitude. Stay well!

Kathryn W. – Kathy – I hate to play favorites, but thank you for asking me to help with your computer repair, computer education, computer advise, and to clean your computers. I Like your cats. Stay Well!

Shrimal F. – You’re one of a kind….great humor, and very wise. You are a mentor and friend. Is there anything you don’t know how to do when it comes to computers, operating systems, web development, programming? What would I do without you? Thanks for helping me and Olympus!

Rex – Gotta be one of the coolest guys I know… Reminds me of Matthew Mcconaughey. Rex knows how to tell a story and captivate you. Thank you for your generosity Rex!

Dan Morimoto – The SYSADMIN GURU. Thanks bro for your instruction, and believing in me. I know of no one more brilliant and well suited for the field as you……Thank you for everything you have imparted to me.

Jeff R. – You were one of the first to write a Yelp review for Olympus…..The first time I met you, you needed a virus cleaning and it worked out for ya…….that was a long time ago. I hope your insurance career has really taken off…All the best to you!

Mike T. – Not having used our service, your review on Yelp was a bit misleading and unnecessarily harsh, BUT I thank you because it reminds me that Olympus can always figure out how to do more.  Nothing wrong with a bit of humility, so I might as well thank you for driving it home . Take care.

Marjorie G. – Its been a pleasure working for you and getting to know my neighbor! You are very honest and say what is on your mind. Thank you for choosing Olympus for your computer repair and computer support. Take care.

John @ Golds Gym, Dove Canyon – John! thank you so much for your loyalty and calling me out to assist you with computer repair issues that pop up from time to time. You are easy to work for and I thank you for trusting Olympus Computer Services.

Sheila H. – It has been a pleasure helping you with your business and delivering advice or suggestions over the years. I like the fact that you’re not afraid to say whats on you’re mind…so I don’t have to guess. Take care!

Patrick L. – You wrote a review on Yelp and I remember that day back in 2012. I helped your Mom with some computer issues. It was a treat to help someone who is receptive, wants to learn, and already understands a great deal. I wanted to learn TAI CHI after she talked about it. I am thankful for feeling so welcome in her home. I wish you and your Mom the best.

Debbie M. – of Dana Pt. –  I first met you when you lived in San Juan Capistrano….I’m very happy that you contacted me several times to assist you with computer issues. I hope to see you again. Take Care!

Deborah B. of Ladera… Your review was emotional but very powerful and helpful. It was back in 2011 that you wrote it. Thank you very much for writing it. More than just the review, it was a pleasure to work for you and feel lucky that I made a difference. Haven’t talked to you in long time, but wish the best for you. Take Care!

Byron – You are clearly a great guy. I appreciate that you are “easy going” and down to earth. You are originally Paul’s client, but you called me in his absence and I thank you for that. Take care of yourself and win what you have to win…..All the Best!

Joel G. – Joel of Laguna Woods….I an honored that you gave me a high rating on yelp and that you’ve called me for repeat business. It is a compliment to be selected for the purpose of repairing a computer by a person of your caliber….Thank you again!

Greg W. – Thank you for your generosity and tip! As I’ve said before, I like working for “easygoing” folks, and I appreciate the opportunity to be your tech! Take Care!

Shevi G – I have to laugh when you call because its always emergency mode. Still, thank you for entrusting Olympus with your computer repair and support….because what’s more important than having your computer up and running? You have been more than generous and it is appreciated. Thanks!

Pam B – Thank you for designating me as the computer guy that you call when there is a laptop issue. Last time you fixed the problem yourself….Good for you, and stay well!

Steve K. – Well Steve, I know you don’t love me too much because my presence means you pay…but I like you. Its been a pleasure working for you, and I hope you didn’t get too upset last time when I recommended a re-installation of your laptop OS….I hope to help you in the future if you need it. Thanks!

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