14 Oct

Technology Does Not Have To Be Your Enemy

When your time is precious, your money is limited, and you don’t feel heartache should be a part of your agenda, please consider the following 3 recommendations.

  1. Before you purchase your computer hardware or computer, please consider who will be supporting the product if it doesn’t work, or if it requires time to configure and set up. The benefit of selecting hardware or a computer that your tech recommends, is that the technician’s endorsement is another way of saying that the hardware/computer is more reliable and it can more easily be supported than other products like it.
  2. A Back-up plan is NOT optional. If you have any important data whatsoever on your laptop, computer, or server, than you need a back-up plan. Not having one is like driving with faulty brakes. Consult your IT professional for the plan that fits your needs. Back-up for your computer is surprisingly inexpensive, so don’t wait until a virus attacks your precious pictures or accounting data.
  3. When you purchase a new computer, please remember to hold on to all the software, and especially the “restore CD” or operating system disk. A re-install of your operating system is recommended once every 2-4 years, after viruses damage the OS, and before you sell or give away your computer.
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