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From the home computer to the business network, we take care of everything.


We’re fast, we’re knowledgeable, we’re affordable.If your home computer is giving you problems, it’s time to give us a call and put our team to work. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to effectively address the issues surrounding your home computer system.

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Over the years we’ve worked for lawyer’s, psychologists, social workers, plumbers, contractors, real estate agents, and many entrepreneurs. Call us! your burden will end when you pick up the phone.


We assist Businesses with networking,  router set up, peer to peer configuration, computer repair, laptop hardware repair, computer troubleshooting, printer support, and IT consultation.

Computer Repair

You will find that the OCS tech excels at delivering outstanding computer repair services. We are not just one who is capable of outstanding computer support, but understands the importance of communication, dependability and commitment to the highest level of customer service.”Computer Repair” is a word that encompasses everything from virus removal, to laptop computer support, to printer repair, etc. There is very little that we cannot handle when it comes to IT services. It is important to note that we are a mobile service and we come to our customer’s business or residence.  In some cases we save time and money by troubleshooting remotely. In conclusion, we have found ways to solve a 4 hour job in 2.5 hours. Thanks to the Olympus team, I hear our customers say things like: “Wow… that was a lot less painful than I thought it would be.”

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Virus & Spyware Removal

Olympus Computer Services finds that virus, spyware, and malware infections are among the most prevalent problem for windows computers in the Orange County community. From San Clemente to Costa Mesa, and from Lake Forest to Rancho Santa Margarita, OCS handles virus, spyware, and malware with great frequency. We found that a large percentage of computers and laptops that run slowly contain spyware slowing them down.When you get sick with a virus, you need special attention, or your condition is likely to get worse. The same is true if your computer is infected with a virus or viruses. If you need to speed up your computer, or realize your computer is affected, don’t wait! Contact Olympus Computer Services before data recovery becomes necessary.

Some viruses can delete data off of your computer permanently or make it impossible to boot up. A single virus can destroy priceless data. Unfortunately many people are unaware of how to protect their data (pictures, music, accounting data, and word docs) or their computer from viruses until it is too late.

While many computer services simply perform virus removal from their customer’s computer, we believe that is not enough. It is imperative to restore the computer to the condition it was in before it was attacked. OCS philosophy is that its customers can obviate the need for home computer repair through timely education and proactive planning. No need to suffer, call Olympus Computer Services today at 949-310-0959.


There is nothing that enflames us more than when we see another computer service perform wireless router setup for you with insufficient or no security!That is like a doctor who is too lazy to perform CPR!There is nothing that irritates us more than when we see a technician purchase a whole new wireless router for their customer, when all they really needed to do was change a security setting or reset the router.Wireless connectivity may be crucial in your house, but when a router is configured incorrectly it exposes you to unnecessary risk. OCS seeks to inform its customers about what type of wireless router works best in your environment and save you money in the process.

Olympus Computer Services troubleshoots wireless connectivity issues such as low signal strength, and a drop in service. We choose the technologically correct and most affordable methods of extending your wireless connectivity. When you hire us to purchase and set up your wireless router we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a wired system that cuts through your walls and makes a mess, when a wireless set up is all you need? Call Olympus Computer Services today for proper wireless router setup and instruction.


Data Recovery

Not only are we the Guardians of Data, but in the event of hard drive failure, we will dispatch computer repair specialists to save your priceless computer files. We employ techniques and tools that often obviate the need to bring your storage device to a data recovery center. We specialize in data recovery, and we are consistently successful in this because we don’t give up and are not satisfied until you are. We employ time tested software and hardware technology and rely on several different methods with a high probability of success.

We understand that typically data recovery is expensive, but our rates are very competitive. Not only do we help you recover your data, we provide consultation on how to properly setup backup.

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