14 Oct

Do You Want XP But You’re Stuck With Vista?

For the majority of OCS customers who prefer XP, but are “stuck with” Vista, there are ways to make your Vista look and feel more like Windows XP. In fact, making some of these things will actually free up processing power and help optimize your system.

For example, changing your desktop background to a solid color can actually help speed it up.

If you like the classic look, try this: Right-click on your start buttoncirclebubble? Select Properties, then left-click that to get Start Menu and Taskbar Properties. Under the Start Menu tab, select Classic Start Menu. This will bring back some Windows XP/2000 familiarity.

OCS will be presenting a comprehensive maintenance package to customers very soon, and as a part of that package, we will help you tailor your operating system to look and feel the way you want it to. Indeed, if you have XP, but like the Vista look, we can help with that as well……Thank you!

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