14 Oct

Creating Your Luck To Enjoy Your IT Experience

So maybe the guy on the assembly line had a bad case of the hiccups when your hard drive touched his hands. Who knows? There may be a degree of randomness in anything, but here is what we know for sure:

  1. Your computer is not cursed and there is nothing “magical” about the way your pc works;
  2. Your hardware and software will not last forever, they are not designed to;
  3. Whether you view your computer as a “necessary evil” or instrument of beauty has a lot to do with your role in maintaining your computer and computer education.

The following are suggestions which will help you make informed decisions and show you that you have a fair amount of control over your information technology experience.

Have someone you trust recommend the hardware/computer manufacturer.

Have the person that recommended the hardware/computer support that product because it is likely that they performed the research or have experience with it.

Like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance. Talk to your IT expert to develop and fine tune a maintenance plan that works for you.

Understand what “cutting edge technology” means  for the device, computer, or hardware that you are interested in. Sometimes cutting edge technology is great, but sometimes it cuts deep because a device or operating system is released before it is perfected.

Find out what’s free. The best technicians frequently use tools that are free. So why shouldn’t you?

In conclusion, we all know there is luck. Who says you can’t create your own luck? Good luck!

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