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We received a call from a student about a month ago. Her laptop would not boot and she needed assistance on a rush basis. We were prepared for the worse: that her hard drive failed, and that there was data loss. We informed the client of a few possible reasons for boot failure and the corresponding cost to make her laptop “right”. It was the end of the day and the client declared it was of pivotal importance that her laptop resume functioning  before class the following day. Ari worked on the laptop into the evening and was relieved that he fixed the problem without the need to install a new hard drive. By identifying the problem and implementing the proper solution, we saved the client countless hours of frustration, aggravation, lost time and wasted money.  The client was updated in a timely manner when Ari texted a picture of the computer in a fully booted state. In the morning, we explained to the client what Ari found and what was done to fix the malware problem. The client was appreciative. She had a fully functional laptop in time for class. In this example, and in reviews of OCS, Olympus Computer Services, a top rated Computer Repair service in Orange County, provides exceptional skill, best efforts, and will help on a rush basis.

– Ari Manes

IT Expert & Owner


The Olympus Smart Plan is comprehensive and included when you purchase our service. We know some folks will say we’re giving it away for free….because we are. The Olympus Smart Plan is ideal for most people. We give a little extra guidance and support with respect to your network and computer set up. We spot the “red flags” and let you know while fixing your computer: “hey your router doesn’t have the most secure settings. Do you want us to adjust the settings for you?” “Did you know…we’ve cleaned scores of computers with the same anti-virus, and it tends to let in a lot of malware. Would you consider changing to a more effective solution?” Another common part of the plan is to help clients who are struggling with the decision of whether to replace a computer. The Olympus Advantage (we talked about previously) give us the objectivity to render advice on the subject. Is it time to replace the computer, operating system or hardware?


Olympus specializes in residential IT support, including home based businesses. We handle virus and malware removal, wireless issues, data transfer and recovery, computer setup, troubleshooting, OS re-installations, hardware replacement, IT consultation and advice, and diagnostic analysis. Olympus Computer Services assists in helping small businesses with the maintenance and support of computers, hardware, routers, modems, printers, wireless configuration, networking, and virus removal. We specialize in getting the job done!

Olympus Team

Olympus Computer Service is a MOBILE service which means we come to you or your place of business. We are based in Lake Forest and will travel almost anywhere in South Orange County.  We meet clients at a UPS store on the corner of Trabuco and Lake Forest when a meeting place is required. 25422 Trabuco Rd., Ste. 105, Lake Forest, CA 92630. The Owner of Olympus Computer Services is Ari Manes.

Olympus Team


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For the last 6 years, Olympus has delivered top notch customer service. Understanding your tech repair needs and making sure we give you 120% is our passion. We have the best customers in the world so that makes it easy.

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We know your tech is valuable. That’s why we handle and fix everything with love and care. To say we’re careful would be an understatement.

Our Mission is Clear

Our mission is to bridge the gap between what technology promises and what technology delivers. We make sure all your tech works exactly as it should.

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Thank you for the great Service and fixing my internet connection. Your price was fair and the work was excellent
Patrick Casey Mission Viejo, CA yelp.com
Hi Ari, I thank you and your team for all of your help with recovering my data, replacing the hard drive and reloading the operating system/other programs onto my laptop.
Gordon Peck Mission Viejo, CA yahoo.com
lt is comforting to know that Olympus Computer Services is now familiar with our new system and readily available for any future needs. Everything was handled with professionalism and proficiently
Patti and Jim Warren Laguna Hills, CA yelp.com
Ari, you did great work and completed it in just one day….Thank you for buying my stuff… I would have probably bought the wrong things. And you are not as
Ray Moreno San Clemente, CA yahoo.com

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